K-12 Classroom Design & Budget Guide

The pandemic has impacted our everyday lives, including the way educators and students teach, study, and learn. It’s important to meet new expectations for students and educators, as well as adapt to active learning and hybrid learning styles. As you plan a return to school, there’s never been a better time to move forward and reset the places where learning and work happen to create a better experience.

Our K-12 Classroom Design & Budget Guide supports you in planning hybrid classrooms and learning spaces for education in a post-COVID world.

The guide explores classroom designs (including active learning, hybrid learning, and interactive classrooms), and is divided into sections for elementary school classrooms, middle and high school classrooms, shared spaces, and faculty and administrative spaces. Our budget pricing will help with early stage planning for classroom technology and furniture, streamlining the process to get your school ready for the fall opening.

Our guide includes:

  • COVID-19’s impact on K-12
  • 13 classroom layouts with renderings
  • 15 shared, faculty, and administrative space layouts
  • Classroom furniture and technology tools with budget pricing