Conferencing Technology Lookbook powered by Logitech

The Conferencing Technology Lookbook showcases the real-life Logitech video conferencing technology that powers hybrid work in our own dynamic workplaces.

  • Explore 7 real-life work settings with collaboration technology
  • Learn about Logitech meeting room technology integrated throughout our spaces
  • Explore Logitech conference room solutions, including Logitech Sight, Logitech Rally Bar, Logitech Tap Scheduler, meeting room cameras, and more

Explore meeting room technology by Logitech that creates a universal collaboration experience for everyone - at home, in the office, and on the go. Use this interactive lookbook to inspire your own hybrid office space.

How It Works

The Lookbook includes stunning photography, product descriptions, and an appendix of Logitech office technology for modern workplaces. It’s also interactive, allowing you to click a location on the floor plan or legend to jump to that space.

In-Office Conferencing:
  • Logitech Rally Bar all-in-one conference systems
  • Logitech Sight tabletop camera
  • Logitech Scribe whiteboard camera
  • Logitech Rally PTZ camera
  • Logitech Tap Scheduler
  • Logi Dock Focus Room Kit

Personal Conferencing:
  • Logi Dock
  • Brio Webcam
  • Wireless Headsets
  • Litra Glow Light