Logitech Room HaaS Guide by Red Thread

Employees need to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively. The right video conferencing systems enable teams to work from anywhere, be more productive, reduce unnecessary travel, connect remotely, and continue to innovate through disruptions.

To provide this flexibility, organizations need the right conference room systems. Where the traditional approach has been to buy both software licenses and the hardware you need (or work with an integration partner to deploy the required technology), the concept of Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) for video collaboration has caught the attention of many businesses. In fact, the global HaaS market is expected to see 26% growth by 2025.

This guide is designed to highlight the differences between HaaS and traditional models, as well as showcase Logitech video conferencing systems with pricing for three different room sizes.

Explore the guide to learn:

  • What is HaaS?
  • Pros and cons of HaaS
  • Questions to ask when considering HaaS
  • Logitech video conferencing systems
  • Logitech room purchase and Haas monthly pricing, starting at $220/month