The New Meeting Room powered by Logitech

The New Meeting Room showcases Logitech conferencing technology to support hybrid work across 12 space types.

Hybrid workplaces still need meeting rooms – but they now need to create an equitable and universal collaboration experience for all participants, whether they are joining in the office, at home, or on the go. The Logitech Rally Bar is a versatile all-in-one solution with models to accommodate different room sizes.

Use this guide to explore Logitech meeting rooms and inspire your own hybrid office space.

For each of the 12 example meeting rooms, see how the space is used, what postures are supported, and what technology powers that room. The guide is also interactive, allowing you to jump to enclosed, semi-enclosed, or open meeting rooms.

  • Explore 12 example Logitech conferencing spaces
  • Learn about Logitech meeting room technology, including Logitech Rally Bar systems, Logitech Scribe and Logitech Tap Scheduler